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Lisa Farley
Founder Flurish Wellness

Lisa Farley, Founder of Flurish Wellness, has been leading Corporate Wellness Workshops & Programs and performing Nutrition & Health Coaching for 9+ years with hundreds of clients.  Her expertise and passion for well-being is infectious to inspire individuals to make their health a priority by providing the motivation and actionable steps to improve health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms lives.  Our health is truly our wealth and lays the foundation for success in all areas of everyday life.



Green Juice Prep

Smoothie & Cooking Workshops, Stations & Socials 

“Lisa has been presenting and coaching with our firm for the last several years and we look forward to each monthly wellness series.  She has great knowledge and conveys it well with a positivity that adds a lot to each presentation and program motivating us to make subtle daily changes to improve our health.  I would highly recommend her to any individual or firm looking to improve morale and health & wellness outcomes.”

- Steven M. from a Technology Company


“I highly recommend Lisa Farley as a health & wellness coach. Her approach and caring manner, her dedication to this work, this mission helps one learn easily new ways to be vibrant and healthy. Her knowledge of the right foods, the way eat, how to move my body and approach to managing stress is something I can say will be a positive change of lifestyle for anyone who decides to let Lisa coach them. She is professional and prompt and her training abilities helped guide me on my new healthy eating and lifestyle plan in spite of stressful times in my life.”

- Stacy W. from a Cosmetics Company

“Lisa understands how to work with our team to put together an employee wellness plan that drives engagement, participation, and outcomes. She is an excellent communicator with an infectious positive energy who is easy to work with.  We receive continuous positive feedback from each event and program and have noticed the increase in well-being of our staff.”

- Allison F. from a Law Firm 

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