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Health & Wellness Workshop

Onsite & Virtual

Lisa and Flurish Wellness provide Health & Wellness Educational Workshops & Webinars to employees and individuals specifically on how to reduce stress, improve eating habits and increase healthy lifestyle activities like cooking, forming better sleep habits, and incorporating regular movement Workshops include education on how to implement better nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices to create a balanced healthier life, produce a more efficient day, and reduced stress in work and personal environments. It serves as a first step in allowing improvement in the workplace and individual health, and therefore experience many of the benefits described above. 


Health & Wellness Workshops & Webinars are a fun and informative forum for the discussion of healthy living utilizing an interactive approach to facilitate active learning and individual empowerment. This approach allows participants to engage in discussion and interact with other attendees through various exercises and brainstorming. Participants receive valuable handouts and giveaways to take with them, furthering their knowledge after the workshop.

Health & Wellness Workshops & Webinars are a win-win, helping employers reduce healthcare costs and employees improve their health, happiness and well-being. These programs also make your organization more attractive to high-achieving employees and top candidates. 


We provide professional, high-quality, educational Wellness Workshops & Webinars that demonstrate how simple changes can have profound positive effects on a person’ life. Educational Wellness Workshops are an excellent part of an overall health and wellness initiative, because they are easy to implement and provide employees with information they can begin using right away.

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